A/B Testing This refers to the simultaneous evaluation of two different versions of an ad message or concept to determine which one performs best - useful in evaluating keywords, ad copy, ad designs, websites, web/landing pages and banner ad designs.
Above The Fold This refers to banner advertisements which are displayed at the top of a web page. In Internet marketing terms, this refers to information placed at the top of an email or webpage, located so that visitors or recipients see it first, without scrolling.
ACB Advertising Checking Bureau. This independent company is one of the leading auditing firms for co-op and other trade marketing programs for manufacturers. Its services include checking insertions, lineage, and reimbursement to the retailer.
Accreditation-Based Systems Third-party whitelist programs that certify senders. It is used to inform ISPs that those using the systems are legitimate mailers who should not be blocked. Examples include: Bonded Sender from ReturnPath and Safelist from Habeas.
Accrual Percentage The percentage applied to the net purchases by retailer (example: 3%, 5%, etc.) to determine amounts of accruals; varies with manufacturer.
Accrual Period The time period set by manufacturer during which a retailer accrues co-op advertising funds on purchases, usually annual or seasonal.
Accrual(s) Money granted to a retailer for net purchases of a manufacturer's goods. Money can be used for future co-op advertising expense.
Acquisition Cost What it costs a business to gain a new customer, client, or supplier.
Active Rock Refers to any radio station playing categories of loud rock music such as hard rock, metal, or heavy metal.
Active Server Pages ASP. A Microsoft technology that allows scripts to be integrated into web pages, most often using forms to collect information.
Ad Rotation A system that causes a different ad to be displayed at the top of a web page each time that page is viewed by a new person, or when the web page is refreshed.
Ad Slicks Ad layouts or other ad materials designed for print advertising. The term "slick" became commonplace because these materials were often furnished on slick, glossy paper before the advent of desktop publishing.
Ad Tracking A method used to record and report how many hits or clicks an ad receives. This is useful for determining where revenue comes from; the information can be used to better personalize ads in order to reach more customers.
Ad-Supported Network A national or regional cable TV channel, such as ESPN, that makes available a certain amount of time per hour for local commercials.
ADI Area of Dominant Influence. An exclusive geographic area consisting of all counties in which home market stations receive a majority of total viewing hours.
Adjacency The time periods that precede and follow television programs. These are commercial break positions available for local (spot) advertising.
Adsense Google's pay-per-click, context-relevant program; it is available to blog and web publishers as a way to create revenue.
Adult Album Alternative (AAA) Radio station with a broad playlist designed to appeal to adults instead of teens. Music styles include rock, folk-rock, country-rock, blues, folk and world.
Adult Alternative (AA) A radio station playing current hits designed to appeal to adults. Music styles, both singles and album tracks, include rock, pop, country-rock, folk-rock, and blues.
Adult Contemporary (AC) A radio station targeting a general listing audience. Music style is non-offensive popular and rock released in the most recent ten to fifteen years.
Advertising Allowance Fund established by the manufacturer for the purpose of local advertising by retailers and distributors.
Adwords Google's pay-per-click advertiser program.
Affidavit A certified statement listing exact dates and times that announcements were broadcast.
Affiliate A broadcast station or cable system not owned by a network, but airing the network's programs and commercials.
Affiliate Program A program where affiliates agree to advertise for the sponsor's site. In return, affiliates receive commission or residual payment from sales generated by their participation.
Agate Line A newspaper measurement, one column wide and 1/14" deep, regardless of column width.
Aggregation Gathering information from multiple websites, typically via RSS. Aggregation allows websites to remix information from multiple sources; for example, by republishing all the news related to a particular keyword.
Aggregator A web-based tool or desktop application that collects syndicated content.
Album Oriented Rock (AOR) Radio stations distinguished from Top 40 stations which played singles. AOR stations were popular in the late 1960's through the 1980's.
Alerts Notifications, typically in the form of a text, email or multimedia message, containing time-sensitive information (event details, weather, news, services updates) that are pushed to a subscriber who has opted-in to receive this information. Note: If the subscriber has not opted in to receive alert information, the notification would be considered SPAM.
Allotment In outdoor advertising, indicated number of panels comprising the showing in a given market.
Amplifier A device used to increase the power of amplitude of an electrical signal. Amplifiers are spaced at regular intervals throughout a cable system to restore the amplitude of television signals which are attenuated as they pass through the cable network.
Analog The most commonly used frequency for transmitting video content. Commercials stored on videotape, for instance, use an analog format. A more recent technology involves the conversion of analog content to a digital, or computer-based, format.
Analytics Any metrics, statistics or key-performance indicators which measures marketing and sales effectiveness.
Anchor Text A term that describes the main text associated with a link.
Anonoblog A blog site authored by anonymous an person (or people) who doesn't publish his or her name.
App A piece of software that can be run on a mobile platform (smart phone, iPad, etc.) to perform specific task.
Application Programming Interface API. The technical term for the interface that allows one computer system or application to communicate and exchange data with another.
Arbitron A radio ratings service that projects the number of listeners.
Atom A popular feed format used for syndicating content.
Attenuator A device for reducing signal amplitude.
Attrition Rate A measure of lost customers - this is often expressed as the number of customers lost during a specified period of time as a percentage of the total number of customers during that same time period.
Audience Composition Types of persons reached by a medium or advertising campaign and measured in terms of gender, age, income or other demographic characteristics.
Audience Duplication Persons reached by one media vehicle who are also reached by another.
Audit Substantiation of a newspaper's paid circulation and newsstand sales, usually by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).
Augmented Reality AR. An interactive 3D environment that is blended in with the real physical world environment to provide a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements areaugmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics.
Authentication The technical standards through which ISPs and other mail gateway administrators can establish the true identity of an email sender. Examples of proposed authentication standards include: SPF (PO Box, AOL),Sender-ID (Microsoft), DomainKeys (Yahoo), and DKIM (Cisco and Yahoo).
Auto-Responder A previously-scripted email message which is automatically sent after a triggering event has occurred. Triggering events may include completion of a web form, purchase of an item or inquiry to customer support.
Availability (or Avail) Commonly used in its short form: 'avail'. A break within normal network programming allotted to a local cable system for insertion of local commercials.
Avails Short for Availabilities. Unsold time slots in broadcast media where commercials can be sold or purchased. Can also refer to unsold positions in print media where ads can be sold/purchased.
Avatar A graphical image or likeness that replaces a photo of the author of blog content, tweets, Facebook posts or other related uses.
Average Quarter Hour An estimate of the number of people who listen to a station within a 15 minute period. This statistic is used as the most precise estimate of the number of people listening to a station at any given time.