Every rep receives a unique strategy based on their account list and active pipeline

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AdMall Strategist is the first interactive pipeline manager for media sales

AdMall Strategist provides all of the power of AdMall PRO plus personalized, daily direction for media salespeople. Specifically, AdMall Strategist uses a set of proprietary predictive models, advising your reps to call on the RIGHT local accounts with the RIGHT approach at the RIGHT time.

AdMall Strategist analyzes every account list using K Group's Momentum Pipeline to provide each rep with their own strategic action plan - rather than relying on them to throw the proverbial darts against the wall.

Then twice a day, AdMall Strategist deals each rep a specific account with a specific sales suggestion. These advisories are based on the best demonstrated practices of the best sales representatives using sales intelligence from AdMall PRO, BIA/Kelsey, SalesFuel and AudienceSCAN.

AdMall Strategist even offers Smart Prospects, which are unique to EACH sales rep. They can easily claim and add these to their pipeline. AdMall Strategist scores each prospect and even recommends the optimal timing so your sales team is striking while the iron is HOT.

AdMall Strategist is NOT a CRM. There's NO steep learning curve because it uses the tools reps already use EVERYDAY - email, calendars and text messages - ensuring GREATER adoption and MORE closed business. But if you HAVE a CRM, our SalesFuel API makes it vastly more effective.

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